TODAY'S MEETINGS - Thursday, May 26 (2pm, 4pm, 6pm start times)

Dial-in: (US) +1 334-472-4648

PIN: 888 022 117#



UPDATED MAY 19, 2022


PLANNING AND ORGANIZING MEETINGS - Tue. May 24, Wed. May 25, and Thu. May 26

During those days, we will have three different types of meetings with each type having three separate sessions. The three different meeting types are:

  • Data Capture and Extraction

  • Featured Issues Page Updates

  • Preparation for our June Topic Discussion

The Data Capture and Extraction sessions will provide information pertaining to several of our roles that require the use of Excel and Google Sheets. The Featured Issues Page Updates sessions will discuss the roles associated with updating the content on our Featured Issues pages. During the June Topic Discussion sessions, we will finalize details for what we will do during the topic discussion itself but also anything that will need to be done between now and then. Here are the dates/times:


  • 2-4pm - Featured Issues Page Updates

  • 4-6pm - Planning for June Topic Discussion

  • 6-8pm - Data Capture and Extraction


  • 2-4pm - Planning for June Topic Discussion

  • 4-6pm - Data Capture and Extraction

  • 6-8pm - Featured Issues Page Updates


  • 2-4pm - Data Capture and Extraction

  • 4-6pm - Featured Issues Page Updates

  • 6-8pm - Planning for June Topic Discussion

It is not necessary to attend all of the sessions. The purpose of distributing the sessions over several days and altering the times is to give everyone an opportunity to fit the meetings into their schedules. Based on your interest in the roles and the time you have available, choose the sessions that are most convenient for you.

We use Google Meet for our online meetings. Thirty minutes prior to each session, I will open the Google Meet window and place the meeting link on this page. You can open the meeting window at any time during that half-hour leading up to the start time. Mute your camera and microphone until the meeting has started and you are ready to speak.

I will return to Orlando on Tuesday morning, May 24th. As a reminder of what we are doing, I have included the text that was used on the original "Revised 2022 Agenda" page.


Reminder from Previous Messages

Our goal is always to inform ourselves with the best information available and to encourage others to break away from their normal media consumption to explore the full array of media options.

With that goal in mind, an email will go out on May 31st that will invite people to attend a multi-day Topic Discussion that will take place in late June. The email will be timed to allow people 3 weeks to familiarize themselves with the information we provide them on the UNA-Orlando website.

Continue reading if you would like to be part of the team of people who will plan and organize our June Topic Discussion and other 2022 activities. A form is available at the bottom of the page for those who are interested.


Now through Tuesday, May 24th: We will continue to build our library of the most recent or relevant information pertaining to our Featured Issues. Use the Content Submissions tab from the menu at the top of each page of the UNA-Orlando website to access the Content Submissions form. You can begin submitting content at any time. *** Notice the list of role positions below.

Tuesday, May 24th - Thursday, May 26th: We will hold our first set of online Planning and Organizing meetings. Three sessions are scheduled to increase everyone's chances to fit the meetings into their schedule. You can attend all three if you want, but if you can only attend one, that's ok too. Each meeting will discuss the available roles. The intent is to assign roles to everyone who attends the meetings and make sure that they have access to the UNA-Orlando drive and other applications.

Friday, May 27th - Tuesday, May 31st: We will hurry as fast as we can to complete every Featured Issues page on the website.

Wednesday, June 1st: We will launch emails to invite people to explore our completed Featured Issues pages and invite them to participate in our end-of-month Topic Discussion.

Thursday, June 2nd - Monday, June 20th: The Content Contributors will continue submitting content. The Page Managers will continue to manage their assigned Featured Issues pages. Data Capture and Extraction Managers will practice their Excel skills and will process incoming data. Meeting Managers will practice using our online meeting application (Google Meet). All together, we will do whatever is necessary to prepare for our online June Topic Discussion.

Tuesday, June 21st - Monday, June27th: We will decide how many days we want and which days we want for a schedule that is convenient to the most people. At the moment I'm thinking of scheduling the Topic Discussion over 4 days spread out throughout the week with each session lasting 2 hours. We will finalize all decisions during our Planning and Organizing meetings.





The roles involved with our ongoing Featured Issues Page Update project are:

  • Content Contributors

  • Page Managers

  • Project Managers

CONTENT CONTRIBUTORS locate quality sources of information on the Internet and use our Content Submissions form to submit content.

DEDICATED CONTENT CONTRIBUTORS receive an assigned information source and will provide content only from that one source.

PAGE MANAGERS receive an assigned Featured Issues page and are responsible for uploading and managing content for that one page.

PROJECT MANAGERS facilitate the progress of the Content Contributors and Page Managers.



We are beginning to have thoughts of scheduling in-person meetings at some point, but for now we will continue to conduct all of our activities online. To facilitate our online activities, we will have a team of people filling the following roles:

  • Meeting Presenters

  • Meeting Tech. Setup Managers

  • Meeting Notetakers

  • Meeting Reporters

MEETING PRESENTERS lead all discussion during the meetings.

MEETING TECH SETUP MANAGERS ensure that all the technical details are managed before, during and at the close our online meetings. This includes opening and closing the Google Meet windows at the beginning and end of a meeting. It also includes providing our members access to the UNA-Orlando Google Drive folders.

MEETING NOTETAKERS listen to the discussion to create a brief report that can be presented to anyone interested who was not able to attend the meeting.

MEETING REPORTERS create the end-of-meeting report if the Meeting Notetakers don't create the report themselves.



In addition to the roles mentioned above, a variety of roles exist that pertain to chapter administration. For now, there are two that are needed more than others. They are:

  • Date Capture and Extraction Managers

  • Onboarding Managers

DATA CAPTURE AND EXTRACTION MANAGERS process data that is received from members through our various onboarding forms (the Get Involved form, the Handshake Internship Request From, College Participation Interests form, and others).

ONBOARDING MANAGERS provide information information at different phases of the onboarding process for anyone who has expressed an interest in participating in UNA-Orlando activities.