Global:Children at Risk

Children In Mumbai


  • Regardless of financial/social standing, girls are continuously being withheld from attending school.

  • This furthers the divide in financial and social opportunities.

Child Brides and Workers

  • Despite the fact that reported cases of child brides has been on the decline, there are 17 districts with a higher prevalence of child marriages than the state average.

  • There has been a 71.5% increase in crimes committed against children from 2014-2015.

  • Children are being widely exploited in the media/entertainment industry.

  • The state is also a hub for sex trafficking and exploitation.

Unfair Distribution of Wealth and Resources

Despite Mumbai being the economic hub of India, many struggles plague the population.

  • 50% of its residents live in slums

  • Due to the harsh conditions of the slums, the health and well being of many children has been threatened.

  • The poorest 20% of children are twice as likely to die prior to turning five years old than the richest 20%.

  • The richest 20% of women are 1.2x more likely to have a skilled attendant present while giving birth than the poorest 20%.

  • 1 in 10 infants born are underweight/malnourished