The criminal justice system and the incarceration of offenders is being challenged daily around the world, whether it is because of the overload of prisoners, thus mass incarceration, or because of the economic status of a country that does not encourage them to invest in the rehabilitation of prisoners. It is important to understand cause and consequence in these cases; as you will see below, there are examples of violent prisons and there are examples of reformed courts and prisons as well. Although some may articulate that no one wants to pay taxes to have prisoners living a better life, if they go through the rehabilitation process and are introduced back into society through an enhanced educational and moral process, they are more likely to give back to the community.

Data source: Institute for Crime & Justice Policy Research. Found on: The Sentencing Program



The importance of this video to the page is that it demonstrates how homicide is a political and electoral matter. The video demonstrates how the government deals with homicide issues in a country driven by violence, and how the gang members are dealt with.

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