Xinjiang is an autonomous region in Western China, home to a large population of Turkic Uyghur people. Since Xinjiang became independent in 1949, China has continuously tried to integrate this region into mainland China. Xinjiang has many natural resources, like oil and natural gas, that attracts the Chinese government. Currently, an ethnic cleansing campaign looking to completely eradicate Uyghur culture and people have resulted in thousands of Uyghurs missing or detained. The ethnic cleansing campaigns involve rounding up Muslims and sending them to reeducation camps, forcing them into harsh laboring conditions, passing ordnances targeting Muslim traditions, or simple mass surveillance of "suspicious" activity. Many organizations like the UN and governments like the United States have since condemned and taken action against the human rights abuses exhibited by the Chinese government. However, the ethnic cleansing campaigns remain active and more Uyghurs remain missing.