NOTE: Eventually we might be able to begin meeting in person again. However, for now, our 2023 activities will continue to be held online.



This page is intended for anyone who is interested in the connection between what's happening around the world and what's happening here at home and would like to engage with others to explore a variety of important issues.

Our goal is to inform ourselves with the best information available and to use what we have learned to encourage others to inform themselves. With that goal in mind, there are several ways to participate in upcoming UNA-Orlando projects.


  • February Topic Discussion

  • Featured Issue Page Updates (as a Content Contributor or a Page Manager)

  • Activities Related to our UNA-Orlando Planning and Organizing Committee


Updates to our Featured Issues pages: Now through Sunday, February 18th, we will continue to build our library of the most recent or relevant information pertaining to our Featured Issues. Use the Content Submissions tab from the menu at the top of each page of the UNA-Orlando website to access the Content Submissions form. As a Content Contributor, you can begin submitting content at any time. *** Notice the list of role positions below for those who are interested.


Online Meetings: On Sunday, September 11th, we will hold our first online Planning and Organizing meeting and will continue holding regular meetings weekly through the end of October. The purpose of the Planning and Organizing meetings is to discuss what needs to be done to ensure the success of all of our upcoming activities.

No one is expected to attend every scheduled meeting. Two meeting sessions will be held each week. The purpose of the two sessions is to increase everyone's chances to participate based on their their own personal schedule. You can attend both, but it is not necessary.

The Thursday sessions are intended for K12 students. Sundays are open to everyone (Tuesdays: non-students | Wednesdays: college students | Thursdays: K12 students | Sundays: all).


September Topic Discussion: During the week of Mon. Sep. 19 - Sun. Sep. 25, there will be no Planning and Organizing meetings. The meetings during that week will all be dedicated to our September Topic Discussion.

  • The meeting days are Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday. The dates are Sep. 20, 21, 22, and 25. Starting times are at 6pm and each meeting session could last until 8pm.

  • Prior to each meeting, a link will be provided. You can open the Google Meet window at any time during the 30 minutes prior to our 6pm start.

The topic for this September discussion is: IDENTITY GROUPS: Why it is important to understand Identity Groups if we are to fully understand the political, economic, and social landscape around us.

Everyone is encouraged to familiarize themselves with the topic between now and the week that we hold the meetings. Arrive prepared to join the discussion.


October Topic Discussion and UN Day Commemoration: The meeting days are Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday. The dates are Oct. 18, 19, 20, and 23. Starting times are at 6pm for each meeting session and could last until 8pm.

The topic for this October discussion is: THE ENLIGHTENMENT: What was it and why don't we hear much about it anymore?




ROLES AVAILABLE: Featured Issues Page Updates

The roles involved with our ongoing Featured Issues Page Update project are:

  • Content Contributors

  • Page Managers

  • Project Managers

CONTENT CONTRIBUTORS locate quality sources of information on the Internet and share articles and videos that others can use to inform themselves

DEDICATED CONTENT CONTRIBUTORS receive an assigned information source that comes from our Reliable Sources list (instead of, or in addition to, providing content from anywhere on the Internet, the Dedicated Content Contributor will search the entirety of his/her assigned information source and submit content that addresses any UNA-Orlando featured issue)

PAGE MANAGERS receive an assigned Featured Issues page and are responsible for uploading and managing content for that one page

PROJECT MANAGERS facilitate the progress of the Content Contributors and Page Managers


ROLES AVAILABLE: Meetings, Events, and Activities

We are beginning to have thoughts of scheduling in-person meetings at some point, but for now we will continue to conduct all of our activities online. To facilitate our online activities, we will have a team of people filling the following roles:

  • Meeting Presenters

  • Meeting Tech. Setup Managers

  • Meeting Notetakers

  • Meeting Reporters

MEETING PRESENTERS lead all discussion during the meetings

MEETING TECH SETUP MANAGERS ensure that all the technical details are managed before, during and at the close our online meetings. This includes opening and closing the Google Meet windows at the beginning and end of a meeting. It also includes providing our members access to the UNA-Orlando Google Drive folders

MEETING NOTETAKERS listen to the discussion to create a brief report that can be presented to anyone interested who was not able to attend the meeting

MEETING REPORTERS create the end-of-meeting report if the Meeting Notetakers don't create the report themselves


ROLES AVAILABLE: Chapter Administration

In addition to the roles mentioned above, a variety of roles exist that pertain to chapter administration. For now, there are two that are needed more than others. They are:

  • Date Capture and Extraction Managers

  • Onboarding Managers

DATA CAPTURE AND EXTRACTION MANAGERS use Google Sheets (almost the same as Excel) to process data that is received through our various onboarding forms (the Get Involved form, the Handshake Internship Request form, College Participation Interest form...)

ONBOARDING MANAGERS provide information information at different phases of the onboarding process for anyone who has expressed an interest in participating in UNA-Orlando activities