Being the local chapter of the United Nations Association, UNA-Orlando supports all the good the United Nations does around the world and always seeks ways to address global issues on a local level.

During these upcoming semesters, we will have a limited number of internships available.

Most colleges offer credit-bearing internships and also non-credit-bearing internships. Students should verify with their school's internship office that their involvement with UNA-Orlando will satisfy the school's internship requirements. Regarding credit-bearing internships, it is common that schools will award credits only for activity performed during the semester in which the student is enrolled.

To be considered for this internship, students must complete the survey on this page (see below).

Students pursuing this opportunity will perform research and analyze matters related to our organization's Featured Issues. They would then apply their research to their classwork and to other school work within their academic major. Acting locally, they would present results of their research to our UNA-Orlando members and to the general public through our website and social media and through in-person or online topic discussions. Also, whenever possible, they will participate in community projects and activities that will directly address one or several global issues.

If you are interested in being part of all that we will do in 2024 or any time in the future, complete the Internship Survey below. It seems lengthy, but it only takes 3-5 minutes and it is the best way to let us know what you interests are.

Completing the survey will help to connect you with activities that match your interests. Your involvement with the United Nations Association is appreciated.