Gun violence in the United States is a national public health epidemic; it can be carried out accidentally or purposefully for intents of homicide, violent crime, attempted suicide, and suicide. Nonetheless, Americans all over the country use the counterargument that guns are a right provided by the Constitution; below, you will find out the history of how we have come to the Firearms culture we have today, and what are some of the policies currently in place to help prevent and decrease the number of reported deaths by guns. - AAFP (American Academy of Family Physicians)



Firearms Culture in America

Gun Policies in the United States

This Executive Order is related to Lyndon B. Johnson's Gun Control Act of 1968. More information regarding the Act can be found HERE.

A fact sheet regarding the Executive Order can be found HERE.

Gun Policy in America: New Insights - More information can be found HERE.

The Firearms Industry