The purpose of this page is provide links to pages on the UNA-Orlando website that are most relevant to your internship. Notice the blue buttons below. Using those linked buttons, you can a) submit content that can be placed in the Featured Issues section of the website, b) view our list of upcoming activities, and c) report your hours and activity.

Those are three ways to participate in our organization's activities now. However, as we move further into the semester and you become more familiar with UNA-Orlando, additional opportunities will be available.


CONTENT SUBMISSIONS: With the mission of informing ourselves and others, our best way to achieve this goal is through the Featured Issues pages on the www.una-orlando.org website (use the Featured Issues tab at the top of the window to view our Featured Issues list). Content Contributors search the internet for articles and videos that will help others improve their understanding of an issue. Full instructions are included on the Content Submissions page. You can begin submitting content whenever you are ready.

MEETINGS, EVENTS, AND ACTIVITIES: Due to the ongoing pandemic, all of our activities will be held online until it is safe for us to meet in person. During your internship, you will be considered to be part of our Planning and Organizing Committee. We hold frequent Planning and Organizing meetings. Another type of meeting we hold is our monthly Topic Discussion. Use the Meetings, Events, and Activities button to view our list of upcoming activities.


During your internship, keep in mind that your school's internship office or academic advisor is your priority. If you do need to report your hours and activity to your school, be sure to follow the school's instructions. There will be very little (maybe none) contact between UNA-Orlando and your school. The UNA-Orlando Hours and Activity Report is a lower priority. It is available to your for these reasons:

  • for your own purposes: after the semester has ended to refresh your memory when you are adding content to your resume)

  • for UNA-Orlando purposes: it is a helpful way to be aware of progress made on any of our projects

  • for school purposes: occasionally academic advisors do contact UNA-Orlando to confirm student activity; it is helpful to refer to the student's completed Hours and Activity form